black Sunday Antwerp93 (1993)

Black Sunday (Antwerp 1993)

Borgerhout project participation at 4 locations
In the run-up to Antwerp’93 when the city became the European Capital of Culture, the people of Antwerp had voted en masse for the extreme right.
With Borgerhout, Art and photography, Pierre Mertens Bert Danckaert and Xavier Rombouts wanted to involve the different population groups in Antwerp’93. She developed an art project in the squares of the city’s problem neighborhoods, namely Borgerhout.

The starting point of the first presentation was “Parties”. From photos of parties of the residents they made duos that were presented in the giant gate. On the Montgomery Square, they placed a yard truck and invited passers-by to take a self-portrait with a self-timer. The result was shown on the spot on a large concrete wall. Interiors of residents were photographed with the focus on the television set presented or large colored signs on the back yard with the words you, he and she as binder. . They made the last presentation with a technical camera tableau vivants from different locations on the Groeningerplein. They were presented in the Mathieu garage on the same square.