UNCOVERED” is a one-off publication that bring the homeless newspaper back to life. This was the final piece of the social artistic project “UNDERCOVER”. Here Pierre Mertens and Dries Segers took on the role of notaries, selling places that occupy the homeless in Antwerp’s city center. The production of this newspaper was co-financed with the income from these public sales, so that the profit is entirely returned to the benefit of the homeless.

“UNCOVERED” is an artist’s edition where new and existing work by committed artists are housed next to each other.

With works by Vaast Colson, Fred Bervoets, Maarten Inghels, Arpaïs Du Bois, Stijn Dierckx, Lara Dhondt, Sanne Huysmans, Jeroen Olyslaegers, Ellen Pil, Dirk De Wachter, Laura van Dolron, Peter de Meyer, Karl Philips, Rudy Vanschoonbeek, Willem Lemmens, Pierre Mertens, Eric Vlaminck, Jelle Spruyt, Lieven Segers, Sarah Van Marcke, Ria Pacquée, Guillaume Bijl, Willo Gonnissen, Katrin Kamrau, Vincent Van Meenen, Dries Segers, Roos Rebergen, Marc Schepers, Koen Vanmechelen, JMH Berckmans, Dennis Van Mol, Tom Lanoye, Rebekka de Wit, Charlotte Vandenbroeck, Maud Vanhauwaert, Freek Vielen, Nel Aerts, Stefan Perceval and André Catalão

(photos by Gert Winckelmans)